Grant Application Guidelines

The following items are given primary consideration when a grant is applied for:

  • The property must be habitable or in the process of becoming habitable.
  • It must currently have hot water, sanitation, and reliable heat. (Wood or pellet-fired stoves do not count as reliable heat for the purposes of this grant.)
  • Applicants must supply a W-9.
  • Applicants must own and show proof of ownership in order to receive the grant.
  • Applicants must have already received a quote for the work from at least one contractor.
  • The Historic Preservation Commission is tasked with favoring restoration over replacement, where feasible. 

Please keep the following items in mind when applying for a grant:

  • Grant money will not be disbursed until the project is completed and a lien waiver from the contractor has been received by the Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Grant money cannot be disbursed for the labor of the owner.
  • Grant money will not be awarded for projects that have already been started.
  • Grants are awarded for exterior and exterior/structural modifications. 
  • Grants are not awarded for interior renovation or restoration.
  • Painting projects that do not need a COA are still subject to the approval of the Historic Preservation Coordinator.
  • Projects which require inspection will require building permits.
  • Awards for projects that disregard IBC and IEBC best practices, or do not pass inspection, are subject to individual review and may be denied.
  • Property will be landmarked for five years after the disbursement of the grant funds.  Any alterations to the property must be approved by the HPC.  If the property is sold within five years of the date of the disbursement of grant funds, the recipient must reimburse the City as follows: within the first year, the grant must be repaid at 100%; within the second year at 80%; within the third year at 60%; and within the fourth year at 40%.